Artist Statement

My wish for my Art…

Lead us to places we’ve forgotten we knew, remind us of how we felt there… memories of an inner journey, or somewhere we have all longed for, sometime or other in our hearts.

Let the shapes that emerge within, evoke images of the nature spirits that once inhabited those places ~

May they remind us that inside each and every one of us there is (still) a wild spirit…dancing,

and may we finally find our way home again… to who we really are.

I work intuitively, pouring on paint, letting it ebb and flow, randomly adding other elements before or during… just to see what will happen. I distress fabric with fire, shaking or blowing it out… preferably before I burn myself. Fabric and paper is torn. Stitching? I simply follow the needle… There is no control, only complete surrender, letting the piece unfold. It is in the blending of the known and the unknown… fabric, paint and paper art… watercolour, pen and acrylic medium… that I find what I am seeking. Whatever is close at hand: recycled clothing, broken jewellery, old buttons, twigs, pebbles, sea glass… my photography, poetry, handmade paper, embroidery, beadwork… all eventually find their way into my finished pieces.

I want to connect the sacredness of nature with who we are… an integral part of it. The layers found in my land, mountain or sea scapes, are much like those found within. It feels familiar… yet every time we venture forth there is something new to discover about the piece… and ourselves.