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We (Tony and Shena) became friends ten years ago, volunteering for the local food bank on Gabriola Island, BC, working together and quietly giving a helping hand whenever we saw the need. We’ve always come from an altruistic place; being there for others because it’s who we are. We live to this day by these simple words: do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

We’ve always worked for a living, Tony as a logger and tree topper, Shena as an intuitive counsellor and artist. Our needs have always been simple: recycling, reusing, repurposing and happy with very little.

In April 2014 Tony was diagnosed with diabetes. While under control through medication and a whole food plant based diet, he suffers from neuropathy in his legs, and his health has been steadily deteriorating. Doctors are at a loss and he requires now intensive testing and alternative health care to get to the bottom of what is going on.

In July 2014 Shena was diagnosed with colon cancer and had a resection operation which was successful. In January 2015 a cancerous mass was removed from her left lung, however the colon cancer metastasized in the Spring of this year. There is now a tumour in her left eye which is causing loss of sight. A recent CAT scan show tumours in the abdominal area, the chest and back of head. We are waiting results of the biopsy. Worse case scenario it appears she could have but months to live. Best case scenario: 1-2 years. Her breathing is becoming more impaired as she has chronic asthma.

In July 2015 Tony was assaulted when going to the defence of a woman in Nanaimo. His cheek was broken in 6 places and required a 3 hour operation. His knee and back were also injured, and he is not able to return to work. The pain from his injuries is relentless.

We are reeling. In tremendous shock. And sticking very close together, getting our home set up for ourselves and what lies ahead and taking it very, very gingerly right now. This is a very tough time.

We have always been self-employed and after the last two years of debilitating health issues all the money has been used up. We need money and/or assistance as soon as possible on an ongoing basis for the following:

FOOD: Organic, whole food is our first line of defence against cancer and diabetes. It remains our priority.

MEDICAL EXPENSES: Shena needs to work with a competent oncologist naturopath and requires vitamins and supplements. Tony needs to be properly diagnosed and supported in restoring his health through naturopathic medicine (on the advice of his medical doctor.)

VEHICLE: We are absolutely desperate now to find a safe, reliable vehicle as we have tests and treatments in Nanaimo, Victoria and Vancouver in the coming weeks and the rental car costs are unmanageable. We have all explored all other transport options and they are not viable. Shena’s breathing is becoming more and more impaired.

It would mean more than you can ever imagine to support us in getting healthy,  back on track so we can both keep doing what we do best. All we have ever wanted, and done, long before we met, and since we have been together, is to be there for others and do what we can to be the change we want to see in this world.

We have had so much help, support and kindnesses to date. The words THANK YOU are simply not enough. But we do, so very much. And we still need all the help we can get…

While I am still able to I am selling my art through my etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/SoulSpeakStudio

Even sharing and promoting this is a huge help! Thank you.