My Story

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For over twenty years as Intuitive Counsellor, Consultant and Teacher, much of what I taught, I also had to learn. Sometimes I learn well. Sometimes not. In my life, as in my work, I return time and time again to the words I begin my cornerstone class Journalling to my Self with: “To thine own self be true…”

When I first began teaching this workshop I was given an invaluable lesson: it is never what I teach, or what I say, that makes a difference, but what I do. Being true to myself. Walking in Balance. Living my own life.

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I want to make it perfectly clear. I can’t help you; only you can do that. I can’t inspire you; something I do may speak to you and you’ll grab it and run with it: you’ve inspired yourself. I can’t motivate you; our motivation lies within. And I sure as anything cannot heal you; you have all that it takes within to heal yourself. You, and whoever or whatever you believe created you.

Walk along beside me, though. I’ll share with you my ups and downs, my truths, the lies I catch myself trying to hold onto, and how I am letting go of them. How I seek understanding and awareness, and in the process… Remember who I am. Healing through connection with nature. Creativity as a form of meditation, play, discovery and self-expression. What I feed my body, my mind, my spirit. Recipes, insights, musings, fun things to do. Trusting the greatest gift we were all given at birth: our intuition. How I strive to come from that place in all that I do. And making myself my priority. Always. Most of all, gentleness. Above all, gentleness. With ourselves, first and foremost.

This is a long journey. A slow and gentle one. I make you no promises, offer no guarantees. Certainly no quick-fixes. It will be what you make it. Hard at times, at others, magical. A journey to ourselves, our own being, a way of completeness. Being who we are, once and for all. A journey of embracing ourselves. Self-love. Self-healing. Walking in balance…

But let me be clear. This is about me. My own journey. My own healing. Because being true to myself is the greatest change I can be in this world. As I believe you can too.

With gentleness,


Shena Meadowcroft