Shena Meadowcroft

Shena with CiscoI make my home on Vancouver Island, living and working in the solitude of nature, with rocks and trees to soothe my soul and the ocean to remind me of the rhythm of life.

I was born in England to Scottish and Irish parents, and moved with them to Belgium at the age of six. I emigrated to Canada in 1982, and have travelled or lived in Europe, Asia and North America.

Over the course of my lifetime, I have been a ballet dancer, fashion designer, administrator, craftswoman, business executive, basket maker, publisher, artist, writer, teacher, lover, daughter, sister, friend, dog and cat owner… at the core of all these roles I am, first and foremost, an Intuitive.

It is the essence of who I am, how I see things, it shapes my behaviour, and shows me how to do my life…

It is what my writing, my art, my teaching, my work, my life… is all about.

I have severe health issues that now demand all my attention. The life I have is very precious to me. Real. Changing. Evolving…

I share my days with my wonderful mate, Tony, and a bevy of birds, squirrels, deer, raccoons, herons… the sound of wind though the trees at midnight, foghorns in winter… and lots and lots of sketchbooks and journals.